Alvarado extends winning streak in Troyes

Sunday 19 November 2023

Alvarado extends winning streak in Troyes

In the fourth round of the UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup in Troyes, top Dutch talent Puck Pieterse was back in action. The women’s race promised to be exciting, with the focus on the battle between Pieterse and the leader of the classification Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado.

The start was promising for Leonie Bentveld, who entered the field first, followed by Alvarado and Pieterse. From the first lap, it was Pieterse who set the tone as she put considerable pressure on her rivals. Alvarado was the only one able to respond and she followed resolutely in the wheel of whirlwind Pieterse.

Alvarado showed her experience by cleverly diving in front of Pieterse on the slope, but Pieterse countered immediately and retook the lead. The two seemed well-matched, with Pieterse the strongest in the opening phase. As they entered the third lap, things quieted down, but Alvarado made a small mistake on the slope, allowing Pieterse to seize the opportunity and build up a good lead.

In the fourth lap, the gap between Pieterse and Alvarado was 7 seconds, while, behind, a peloton emerged with Marie Schreiber at the front at 40 seconds. Despite a strong showing on the slope, Alvarado almost rejoined again. She was going all out and almost caught Pieterse.

The tables were turned when Alvarado came back flawlessly and with a powerful attack. She flew round the course and took a 6-second lead. Far behind, Brand followed in third position. Alvarado seemed to have victory within reach with her 15-second lead over Pieterse, who may have made her move too early.

Alvarado never looked back and extended her lead to a comfortable half-minute. She gave everything and remained flawless. The victory was already decided, but the battle for third spot on the podium was still very much open.

After a wonderful battle, Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado was the winner of the fourth round, followed by the impressive comeback of Puck Pieterse in second spot. Lucinda Brand completed the podium with a great third place. The UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup remains exciting, with the competition becoming more and more intense.